Creating graphic, illustration, design and then writing tutorials covering all functions in Adobe Illustrator. »Illustrator Aktuell« has been a collaboration with other artists, my part being writing, research, project management, editing and tech editing.
The magazine »Illustrator Aktuell« had 32 editions (with 64 pages each) starting from 2007 and since 2015 has been included in »Creative Aktuell«.
»Creative Aktuell« covers Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, sometimes touching other Creative Cloud apps as well as third party plug-ins, my part being the Illustrator section. Also covering Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Capture CC, Adobe Comp CC, Adobe Animate, Astute Graphics plug-ins, CADtools plug-in, Vectoraster, Inkscape.
Perspektive grid and the use of blending modes
Masking, Brushes and layering techniques
Shapebuilding and brushes
Creating vector mosaics, selection techniques, symbols and replacing objects
Layering and masking (left page); pattern brushes and masking techniques (right page)
Brushes, strokes, symbols, layering and masking techniques
Writing is based on my own experiments with printing services and printing techniques:
Printing patterns on fabric at Spoonflower and Stoff'n
Printing gold on a Kodak Nexpress
Printing stickers with a freeform cutline
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