Portraits are an important subject so I wrote a couple of tutorials on how to do vector portraits in different styles for German magazines »DOCMA« and »Creative aktuell« (»Illustrator aktuell«). All of those are still recognizably vector graphics with the typical clear shapes and distinctive lines. Those are stylistic elements I like very much.
Workshop »Vektorportrait« done for »DOCMA« when »A Scanner Darkly« was en vogue
Tutorial for »Illustrator Aktuell«: Character design
Preliminary sketches for this have been a mixture of analog and digital.
Illustration for Diabetes portal DiabSite
Self portrait for »Designerköpfe«
Tutorial for »Creative aktuell«: cartoon hair styles
Tutorial for »Illustrator Aktuell«
Portrait of Pierre Bézier done for my own book: use of the width tool
Client work
Tutorial for »Illustrator Aktuell«: roughened poster style
Self portrait done for a tutorial in »Illustrator Aktuell«: minimalist vector portraits
Fan-Art »Der Elefant«
Vector Grunge tutorial for »DOCMA«
Tutorial for »Illustrator Aktuell«: Old-style tourism poster
Tutorial for »Illustrator aktuell«: old-school line art
Adobe Capture, Draw (resp Ideas) and some editing in Photoshop with this one. I have done it in a workshop with Anja Nolte.
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